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Elite Waterfront sells and installs the highest quality bumpers, rub rail, and hardware for your docks and decks

Introducing the WET STEP!

This innovative, all aluminum dock ladder makes it easy and safe to get in & out of the water, while the durable, lightweight design makes it easy to lift out for dry storage.

The WetSteps, EZ Stairs for your dock or pool are an innovative concept in dock ladders. The ergonomic design makes entering and exiting the water from any platform an effortless and safe experience for all ages. The stair step design allows you to comfortably walk out of the water, not climb.

To meet your exact needs, the WetSteps are offered in several different step configurations and options including your choice of color. Powder coating options keep your Wetsteps looking new as aluminum will discolor in water. So no more missing opportunities to enjoy the water with friends and family!

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The Dock LifeGuard detects electricity on your dock frame and in the water around your Dock

Several years ago, I read of dock electrocutions on a Missouri lake and decided to get one for the dock on our farm pond where my Children and Grand Children often swim. One morning we were investigating a shrill alarm and found our 5 hp, 220V submersible pump below the dock had failed and the Dock Life Guard was doing its job. There will be no swimming on any dock for my friends and family without this life saving device.

Rock OrmistonSouthwest Kansas
  • Visual and Audible Warning of Electricity detection in the water or on your lift or dock frame
  • Ability to turn off power to your dock by tripping GFCI breaker
  • Able to run off DC Battery, AC, or AC w/battery backup
  • Dry contacts to trip relays to trigger external sensors and alarms
  • Alarms via Super bright LED indicator
  • Loud Audible Siren (90+ dB)
  • Visual indication of amount of stray voltage being detected by an array of LEDs
  • Ability to send push notifications to your phone with addition hardware
  • Radius of Detection; approximately 40′. Water conditions and underwater objects may reduce range
  • Will detected at 100′ + feet in ideal environments
  • Continuous Monitoring 24 hours a day
  • No monthly recurring costs
  • Configurable settings to eliminate nuisance alarming
  • Senses voltage as low as 80 millivolts
  • Test Mode to test internal circuitry, alarm, and GFCI tripping

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