The Touchless Boat Cover

The world’s easiest fully automatic cover and protection system.

Top 6 Reasons You Want This Cover:

1. Uncovered in 30 Seconds / Covered in 30 Seconds

The Touchless Boat Cover introduces you to a lifetime of effortless boating by completely removing the hassle of covering and uncovering your boat. It will maximize your time on the water.

Never touch a snap or draw-string again. Just push the key fob button and you’re ready to go!

“We were at a low point of possibly selling our boat due to my back problems. But with the convenience of The Touchless Boat Cover, I will no longer have to worry about that.”

PamAustin, Texas

Many of our customers are buying their 2nd or 3rd boat for the life of their Touchless Cover.

2. Never Buy the Old-Style Cover Again!

You will typically buy 2-3 traditional boat covers for the life of your boat. We started selling the Touchless Boat Cover over 10 years ago and we are finding these covers are even outlasting the lives of the original boats!

All of our covers feature marine grade, UVA-protecting “Top Gun” fabric designed for a wide range of geographical climates, so they will last a long, long time. Don’t buy 2 or 3 old covers for your boat. Buy 2 or 3 boats for your Touchless Cover.

3. Protection From the Elements

The Touchless Cover offers 360 degree protection from the sun, rain and other harmful elements of nature. Imagine that your gel coat, boat hull, outboard motor, and vinyl look as good in 10 years as it does today!

4. Protection From Theft and Clutter

“I bought the Touchless Cover because I got tired of people breaking in and stealing my stuff”, said one satisfied customer.

Others love the fact that they can store stuff inside where they are clean and handy.

5. Custom Designed for Your Boat and Your Dock

The Touchless Cover conforms to any dock situation and is handcrafted and designed the way you want it.

6. Safety

The older we get, the more challenging and dangerous it is to lean over to get the old cover around the back of the boat. With the Touchless Cover ,a 6 -year-old can cover the boat in no time!

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